Musquodoboit Valley Quality Sod

MVQS has developed and produced Nova Scotia’s highest quality Nursery Sod for 30+ years. Our standards have translated into our Topsoil, Garden soil, Bark Mulch and other complimentary landscape products. We pride ourselves on offering our customers a product and service they can trust. CONTINUE READING

Our Products

<img src="kentucky_blue.jpg" alt="Kentucky Bluegrass Sod is our most popular variety of lawn sod">

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass is our most popular variety of lawn sod, it is a thriving cool season grass which produces a high-quality lawn with a moderate level of maintenance!
Rich-brown, Organic topsoil that is easy to shovel

Top Soil

Our organic Lawn Soil is quickly becoming one of our most popular products and is the ideal choice of many sod customers. With a nutrient rich mixture it has been developed and tested to generate great results.
<img src="black_mulch.jpg" alt="our black mulch creates resistance to weed growth">

Black Mulch

Our Black Mulch is produced to not only look great but enhance growing environments for ideal results.

MVQS has been recognized by Granview Farms for growing higher standards in customer service and quality products.


The quality of service and advice offered by Melissa and every member of the MVQS team has been courteous, polite and reliable. It is great to deal with a company that takes pride in providing a first class service from ordering of products, trucking and customer issues that arise.

Patti Fraser - Terra Nova Landscaping

With a friendly staff that get the job done and very high quality and good look product, MVQS is worth the extra cost. I am glad to use such a premium product and have no reservations paying for the quality.

Matt Isnor - Xcel Landscaping

MVQS has displayed excellent customer service time and time again. Other than being on time with deliveries, they have reasonable pricing in a very competitive industry. We are very satisfied with their product and have received great feedback from Ashburn employees.

David Perry GM - Ashburn Golf Course